I started my collection by investigating about children’s imagination. They are very absurd, but have a lot of strong potentials. We can see children’s amazing creativity abilities through various approaches such as sketching, drawing, writing, scribbling and playing. To get a more accurate and plentiful inspiration, I pulled out my childhood’s drawings and paintig. I always drew characters I met in my imagination onto my sketchbook. Based on my childhood pictures, I got my color board and creative designs to express my ideas.

   And,  I focused mostly on the fun methods of wearing the garment. Just like how little children wear clothes however they like, I tried designing my garments in the same manner. I used deconstruction methods to make a playful design to wear. By putting your head through the armhole, taking out your hands from the collar and wearing the sleeve as you would wear a pant,I portrayed my garment like one would have thought you worn it mistakenly.


   The more I researched, I found interesting connections between children’s imagination and Memphis design, a Milan-based design movement in 1980. The purpose of Memphis design was created to go against and desolate the boring lifestyles and rules created during this period. In retrospect in executing the change, Memphis design was composed of playful geometric shapes with bright and pastel colors. Hence, I wanted to create my new Memphis design by combining the mood and colors of the sophisticated designs a along with my childhood visualizations.

Playful Imagination